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WSDA Retro: Earn Refunds On Workers' Compensation Premiums You Already Pay to L&I

WSDA Retro is an association-sponsored workers’ compensation retrospective rating (Retro) program for member dentists.

Exclusively available to WSDA members, WSDA Retro provides a no-cost, no-risk way for WSDA member dentists who own dental practices to earn refunds on their workers’ compensation premiums paid to the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I).

How to Sign Up

Next Enrollment Deadline: September 1

To sign up, download and complete the WSDA Retro Application and submit by email to

WSDA Retro Application
Please note: If you have already signed up for WSDA Retro, there is no need to re-apply.

Enrollment Questions? 
Please contact Julie Osterberg with ERNwest at

New Benefit for Retro Members: Return to Work = 100% Wage Reimbursement

WSDA has a great new benefit for Retro participants! Bringing injured employees back to modified duty as soon as possible – also known as Return to Work (RTW) – just got more beneficial. Currently companies can get reimbursements from L&I for up to 50% of wages. Now, WSDA will match the 50%, so participants can get up to 100% of wages reimbursed.

The success of the WSDA Retro program requires members to control claim costs. We are helping practitioners do just that by implementing this new program that pays for providing modified duty work to employees who are not able to come back to their job of injury.

Why Sign Up?

  • Become qualified to receive refunds on workers’ compensation premiums you already pay to L&I.
  • Get up to 100% of wages reimbursed when bringing injured employees back to modified duty.
  • Receive assistance with workplace injuries from ERNwest professionals, who will work directly with L&I on your behalf to quickly and reliably manage claims.
  • Implement effective strategies to keep your premium rates down.
  • Access easy-to-read reports outlining claim activity and costs, along with ERNwest representatives available by phone.


  • What is WSDA Retro?
  • Who qualifies for WSDA Retro?
  • Is there a fee to join WSDA Retro?
  • What is the risk?
  • When will I start receiving refunds on my premiums?
  • If I enroll in WSDA Retro, do I need change anything with how I pay premiums to L&I?

​Q&A Webinars

WSDA & ERNwest leadership held three webinars for members to learn more about WSDA Retro and get their questions answered.    

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Please email with any questions.

ERNwest Webinars

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Support from Workers' Compensation Experts

WSDA Retro is more than a potential refund — it is also support from workers’ compensation experts who are available to all WSDA Retro-enrolled members if they ever have an L&I claim. WSDA has partnered with Employer Resources Northwest (ERNwest) to manage our group.

ERNwest is a Washington company that for the last 20 years has helped Retro members understand the program and implement best practices so they are poised to get great refunds.

When are Refunds Distributed?

Example Distribution: The graph below shows the first 5 years of Retro Group participation.

Retro Distribution Graph